Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our beautiful family! Sally Deford took these, check out the link to her website she does an amazing job and is PHENOMENAL at capturing love and emotion!

I love getting these pictures taken! We did these as a Valentines/ Ashlyns birthday photo shoot. Kelly of Kel J Photography took these. She is very fast, super professional and has the CUTEST ideas!
Here is one of  some guys from Trevor's Battalion (3/60th Infantry Regiment)
(Can you pick Trevor outta the crowd?)

Oh geez this man looks good in uniform

Here are some more from Sally Deford... I love these photos they are timeless

Trevor on his mission made a commitment to himself he would try everything at least once and is a huge fan of cow brain... I know... disgusting.

Our amazing wedding day February 14, 2008. yes Im holding my dress up it was much heavier than it looked

We love being silly... well I do anyways/

Ashlyn was such a champ at eating her birthday cake! Happy first birthday Ashlyn! (Fastest freakin year of my life!)

Ashlyns first Halloween was so much fun! Grammy Grace designed and made her costume! 

We love visiting Famous Temple Square in Salt Lake City UT. I am originally from Utah and LOVE GOING THERE! The temple is a beautiful place.

Trevor bought me a new SLR camera and I was playing around with it. My sister Holly Sommerville and I were headed back from Salt Lake with Ashlyn and the wind was making her hair go crazy! I LOVED it so glad I got a picture of my beautiful girl!

Trevor on his mission again! In Argentina houses arent made the same way as in the US and this kinda shows 1- how tall he is... 
2- the size of their apartment, this picture was taken while standing at the back wall of the apartment. Not much room!

This girl completes us in every way... We love you Ashlyn Grace!

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